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You’ll receive an welcome email that must be confirmed to proceed to become a Beta Host and begin onboarding.

In order to control our Beta rollout we’re closely monitoring our registration process to give you the best onboarding experience! 

Introducing Hustle Pads™

Traditional Booking or Flat Rate Booking

Two choices with complete flexibility. This means that both Hosts and Guests can can choose which booking method works best for them. 

Flat Rate Booking

Flat Rate Booking uses a 7-day time block so your calendar will stay booked longer. As a Host, you may enable these time blocks on the calendar.

Traditional Booking

This is the booking style you are already familiar with on platforms such as Airbnb. Guests can book based on your calendar rules and availability.

Flat Rate Booking

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Our Value To Hosts

Better Guest

Hustle Pads™ delivers a higher qualified guests. Remote workers are typically better mannered than other types of guests. No more high school parties, bachelor parties and undesirable events in your rental. 

Less Risk & Higher Payouts

Hustle Pads will typically book your place for  3-4 week blocks.

This reduces your turn overs and your volatility as an owner. No more 3 day rentals and empty days. We level out your revenue and provide more piece of mind. 

We link to your existing online calendar to enable you to continue booking on other platforms
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Top 3 Reasons To Host With Us

Better Guests

Our focus on remote workers means you get a better qualified guest and with less headaches.

Reduced Volatility

Our extended stay booking structure will level out your monthly revenue and on average we pay $$ 7-14% higher monthly returns than our competitors.

Easy to Manage

Flat Rate Booking uses a 7-day time block that makes managing turnovers easy and predictable.

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