Top 9 Problems Host Deal with when operating vacation rentals

Young sad woman unhappy about new repair in her home

Being a host of a vacation rental may come with risks but don’t let them surprise you. Our list will keep you prepared so you can succeed as a host. These are the biggest headaches hosts deal with: Parties Excessive Turn Overs Not the Ideal Customer Poor Customer Service for Hosts Late Notice for cancellation […]

6 easy tips to stay productive while traveling and still have fun

Focus the goal on the horizon

Want to travel but need to stay productive as well? Here’s 6 tips to stay productive in the least amount of time and get back to what matters most on your traveling adventures. To stay productive you should focus on Your Big Goals, use the Two Minute Rule, the Pomodoro Technique, know the Eisenhower’s Principal,  […]

How to travel like a digital nomad

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Are you into long term travel? Pack like a champ and learn how to find work anywhere, grow your network and net-worth, and meet like-minded people! By becoming a digital nomad, you can have enough time and freedom to do what you love!Opening your door to becoming a digital nomad can lead you to have […]

The Best Features and Amenities To Keep You Vacation Rentals Booked

The best vacation rental amenities

Everyday hosts struggle to keep up with a guest’s raising expectations of what is the minimum features and amenities a host should supply. To keep guests delighted hosts should focus on their top profit generators, the guest’s must-haves and use these most requested convenience items that will have guests leaving high reviews on each visit. […]