Travel For One Flat Rate[1]

For less than what you pay for rent and utilities...

Hustle Pads™ was designed as a semi-long term travel solution. Stay 7-28 days in most locations and jump coast to coast anytime!

How To Travel On Hustle Pads™

Two Booking Systems

Traditional Booking works the same as other platforms like Airbnb where you can book an entire home based on you needs.

Flat Rate Booking uses our 7-Day time blocks so you can travel anywhere you want within your travel tier. Designed for extended traveling and to grow your network and meet new travelers. Travel alone or with friends when using this booking style

[1] The Flat Rate Travel Booking does NOT include fees outside of our control like taxes and regulatory fees. 

Endless Adventures Ahead

Your Adventure and Hustle Types

Each listing can have 2-5 adventure and hustle type combinations. 

What Adventures Did we Miss?

Your voice matters! What Adventure Type or Hustle types did we miss that you would love to see on Hustle Pads?

Signature Listings

Signature Pads are listings with the highest quality and reviews.

Signature Adventures are our unique and custom crafted experiences.

Hustle Activities

Events designed to allow creatives, entrepreneurs and hustlers of all types to gather around business themes. 

Exploration Activity

Camping, hiking, guided exploration, farm settings and more. 

Sports Activity

Cycling, disc golf, golf, mountain biking trails,  rock climbing, Skiing & Snowboarding and more. 

Water Activity

Canoeing, Kayaking, Rafting, boating, scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing and other water related water adventures.


Easy access to amusement parks, beautiful natural wonders, city night life, food culture centers, museums, national parks and vineyards or breweries. 

Travel like a true Hustle Pad digital nomad.

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Traveling Alone?

Find Your Crew

Hustle Pads was specifically designed for the solo traveler who’s tired of working from home alone and looking to expand their circle of like minded hustlers and travelers. 

Create new friends to expand your network and opportunities. Make new friends for hiking, photography, golf, fishing, and even  pro-gaming or eSports!… All while you work from anywhere there’s an internet connection. 

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