Are you into long term travel? Pack like a champ and learn how to find work anywhere, grow your network and net-worth, and meet like-minded people!

By becoming a digital nomad, you can have enough time and freedom to do what you love!Opening your door to becoming a digital nomad can lead you to have a fulfilling lifestyle, wherein you can be delighted with your wanderlusts and get satisfied as you earn money at the same time. Here’s a quick “whats and hows” before you start packing up and kick-off a never ending adventure.

What should you know about long term travel 

Before we dive in, remember that it is always important to know your “biggest why” in doing a long term traveling. We don’t want to sugarcoat because we know that long term traveling requires commitment to something new, spending big portion of your time on the road, and forgetting about your usual routine, so it’s worth to give a thought over it. Now ask yourself, why would you even dare to become a digital nomad?

On the other hand, being a digital nomad has a lot of good stuff to offer! Keeping your lifestyle alive while making money anywhere, growing your network as you grow your net-worth, meeting tons of acquaintances, and lastly but not the list, indulging into never-ending adventures and activities that you will treasure a lifetime! So the best way to know whether you’ll like it or not, is to start your journey, and Hustle Pads is here to guide you all the way!

To have a good start, you need to know how to pack right and why you should pack less, so nail the perfect travel packing list, and be aware that planning is essential before you start traveling – here’s a smart guide on how you can travel hack for less than what you pay for rent!

How can you make money anywhere while keeping your the lifestyle alive 

Rip up the old rules because it’s time for you to try something new!  Gone are the days that you have to settle for a “7 days or so” kind of a vacation due to a limited vacation leave incentives from the company you are working with, thanks to the digital age we are now for opening different opportunities through gig economy where people are led to venture flexible jobs. Study showed that 20-30% of the workforce in the US and EU-15 area countries is part of the gig economy and 78% of gig workers say they’re happier than those working traditional jobs, while 68% say they’re healthier. Reading until here simply means you are interested to know what are the most ideal gigs you can start with to become a digital nomad, so here we go! Just choose what suits you best.

  1. Virtual Assistant

Commonly known as “VA” and is one of the most popular work of a digital nomad. Being a virtual assistant, you will be able to provide help and support to anybody who hires you on a remote basis. Those who are in need of VAs’ are usually entrepreneurs and private employers who needs help to complete their projects, you’ll get to do whatever needs to be done. Most Important Skills Needed:

Computer Literacy. You need to know the basics of using a computer because you will be dealing with it for a bunch of tasks and it will gonna be the bread and butter of your career as a VA. You don’t need to be an expert but of course, literacy is always a plus point!

Excellent Written and Verbal Communication This is imperative especially if you will be working for a client from a different country, culture, and language to avoid barriers which may lead to misunderstandings.

Problem Solver. At times, you may be required to deal with certain challenging tasks especially those which you are not used to do before, however as a VA, it is your job to create an outline and fill the gaps to complete the puzzle and make everything easy for your clients.

Initiative. Get your tasks done without the need to be told what to do and lessen the need of bothering your clients if it is not necessary.

Reliability. Trust is one of the foundation of this job and you don’t wanna let your client down, you gotta have a strong and reliable work ethics when tasks are lined up on your plate and you should do everything to meet your client’s expectations.

Can-Do Attitude. There will always be challenges wherever and whatever job you are in, that’s why it is important to always stay optimistic, have the willingness to learn and deliver your tasks well, no matter what!

Productivity. Meeting deadlines are good but staying on track an delivering your projects beyond expectations is a need, especially when you are expected to get the work done in a specific period.

Patience. You are in your position as a VA to help a “busy” person deliver what needs to done, there will be times that you will have to work with challenges so you need a lot of patience. However, surpassing challenges means learning something new and surely, you will learn a lot along the way!

Administrative Knowledge. This work is more into administrative tasks such as (but not limited to) data encoding, activities arrangement, handling of phone calls and emails, managing social media, customer service handling, making reports, it could also include accounting tasks or anything that meets your professional expertise.

  1. Copy Writer 

This type of work is essential for the marketing process of a certain company. Copy writers are the ones who create promotional texts, persuasive ads, slogans and like to deliver customers an engaging landing page which may lead them to grab the call to action such as buying a product, subscribing to a news letter, enrolling in a course, and more. Most important skills needed include:  

Great writing skills. Writing should be your forte and a high level of skills for grammar, spelling, and punctuation is necessary.

Research. Before you can write, you need to find out everything about the product that you will be selling even if it will require you to put yourself on the shoe of your target customers to know your exact selling points and be able to write a convincing copy.

Content management. The most common digital content publication platform is WordPress, and you should be familiar with how to use it. There are companies that uses other types of platform but most writers are into wordpress and according to a wordpress statistics as of 2021, it empowers 34% of all websites on the internet.

SEO knowledge. Copy writers are required to write effectively to rank the article in search engine or win placement on search engine results pages.

Creativity. This may not be the most essential skill you need as a copy writer but you got to have a good taste of ideas, and interesting persuasive punches.

Eye for details. As much as possible, copy needs to be error free and so being a copy writer, you need to master proofreading and spotting errors.

  1. Content Creator 

A content creator writes, improves and publishes content on websites, blogs, podcasts, videos, email marketing or advertising campaigns, social media and other various platforms. Most Important Skills Needed: 

Social Media Literacy. You must be able to strategically use social media to grow your employer’s business, and this may include your ability to manage social media platforms, scheduling content calendar, and respond to customers as a company representative.

Content Creation. Create and curate content such as infographics from your own idea or from any existing data. Creating contents includes video content, storytelling data, blog content, listicles, long-form content and more. If you’re a competitive graphic designer, this job may be suitable for you!

Sufficient SEO Knowledge. Being a content creator also means performing competitor analysis, and deeply examine their own data to track performance metrics like reach, engagement, and overall ROI.

Data Analytics. At this age of business world, it’s not enough for content creators to be creative only. You must be able to learn high level of data analysis skills to better understand your audience, optimize content, build a competitive advantage, and evaluate ROI through the contents you are making.

Lead Generation. Knowledge on how to acquire, evaluate and generate new leads is one of the “must” skills o  a content creator. Since the foundation of selling is knowing who your customers are, studying your target customers is imperative when you are creating a content.

  1. E-commerce (Affiliate Marketer) 

This is a great income generating source for a digital nomad. You can potentially earn limitless by promoting someone’s business without the need to have it on-hand and when somebody is interested, you earn a commission. This opportunity is as good as having your own business.  Most Important Skills Needed: 

Sales and Marketing. This is a general term that encompasses a lot of things but the most important amongst is the ability to negotiate. Affiliate marketing requires skills in negotiation where the ability to drive a hard bargain is a big part of success as a professional affiliate marketer.

Creativity. As a marketer, you must be able to think outside the box, especially when it comes to formulating concepts and fabulous ideas for the target demographics.

Effective Communication. Selling requires both direct and indirect communication, you’ll going to communicate to the clients through your content.

Problem Solving. You should have the ability on how to mitigate bad outcomes or any problem that might inevitably arise.

Technical Knowledge. You don’t need to be a genius, however you should know how to leverage your technical skills extensively especially the basic of building landing pages

  1. Service Provider

It doesn’t always have to be a remote job for you to earn while traveling as a digital nomad.Your expertise, passion or talent can become your source of limitless income  too, wherever you go! Check-out the list of opportunities waiting for you at Hustle Pads as you travel on our very own platform and enjoy the life you have been dreaming about! Lesser expenses, never-ending adventure, working without walls, and lastly – unlimited passive income sources!

These are just the most common ways to make money while you are on the road but the list never stops here. You will surely discover more of your capabilities as you start to unfold every exciting day of being a digital nomad!

What sort of people can you expect to meet 

Typically, there are different types of digital nomads you will possibly make acquaintance with, and these includes remote workers, adventurers, entrepreneurs, semi-retired person, and even the fully retired ones (including snowbirds). Meeting new friends and spending time with people who are on the same wavelength as you is one way to avoid loneliness during your journey which is a not-so-secret part of digital nomad’s struggles according to a state of remote workers 2020 study.

The good news is, Hustle Pads has a fantastic community of like-minded travelers trying to live the digital nomadic lifestyle as you do! You can expand your network based on your adventure types or hustle types, and you might even learn some new skills from your fellow travelers. Feeling lonely at times is just part of the deal of being a digital nomad but there are plenty of options at Hustle Pads which allows you to connect with the right people while enjoying a wanderlusts:

  1. Same Adventure and Activities Interest

Hustle Pads will help you meet the right adventure buddies you preferred to join through the activities build at the sole purpose of gathering like-minded hustlers together. Hustle Pads is designed to promote a customized adventure experience to provide guests an opportunity to explore amazing places, craft their journey, and meet friends from all over the world!

  1. Same Events Interest

If you are not into extreme adventure and some outdoorsy activities, meet people with the same mindset as you do through hubs and events exclusively organized by Hustle Pad that are related to top business incubators, masterminds and other business themes.

  1. Hustle-mate 

Make good friends with people who have the same work interests, professional abilities and talent as you do. Whether your skills are innate or acquired, there’s surely still a room which you can continually develop it as you work with an ideal hustle-mate.

  1. Tier-mate 

Split the cost but not the luxury! Hustle Pads can provide you a great deal of convenience as you make yourself comfortably living with a house-mate at the same tier of preference.

  1. Location-specific Nomads 

Wander somewhere with a ready-made bunch of friends who typically are living outside their comfort zone at their favorite digital nomad hot spots round the globe. Find them in your target destination through Hustle Pads and satisfy your social needs!

How to grow your net-worth while your network is growing 

Now that you’ve got idea how to grow your network, let’s hit your most awaited part… “How to earn MORE money”! Well, straight forward enough, that’s part of the balance scale we all wanted in this kind of lifestyle.

Your network is your net-worth