How to travel or Less than what you pay for rent

Want to travel the world long-term and spend less than what you’re currently paying for rent but don't know how? Here's how to live that digital nomad lifestyle everyone been talking about!

The first trick is to use our guidelines to review your monthly expenses and then review which monthly expenses could disappear using our Hustle Pads tips and tricks to long-term traveling! You’ll also learn the secret to The Forever Travel Hack using the new sharing economy 2.0!

First Find Your Monthly Budget

Travel shouldn’t have to break the bank and it could even leave you with left over money! In a study by OnePoll, researchers found that  76% of the respondents wanted to travel more than they currently were and that people’s bucket list of travel goals are never getting reached!( Link #1 ) The common reasons were: due to a lack of finances or just feeling unprepared to plan a dream vacation.

The number one tip to budget for any planned trip is to plan. Creating a budget will give you an idea of exactly where your money is going, and how much you have leftover for your trip. Your bills may include:

Utility Bills oftentimes can be reduced or eliminated from your expenses in the month(s) of travel. Typically the only bill you will have to continue paying is your cellphone bill and if you maintain a residence make sure to unplug as many things as possible before your trip as they can continue to draw power even when they are not turned on! You could be looking on average $268 each month saved! And if for those that use the


Vehicle Expenses are the number #1 most common expense people cut when moving to the Sharing Economy 2.0. Getting rid of the car that gets used once a week can greatly improve your finances each month. Not having to buy gas, pay monthly car payments, vehicle insurance or maintenance for the car will help you save big bucks! On average this could save you $1,100 per month! Did you know! Simply switching to local transportation or Uber/Lyft can cost only a fraction of this savings! Another reason to start using the Sharing Economy.


Using the HustePads Blueprint for travel hacking you could also get rid of the rent and travel 100% of the year saving you close to $3,500 every month assuming you were paying these all by yourself!


Now let’s show you how to Live that digital nomad lifestyle you’ve been hearing about all of these years!


However, you may want to keep some memberships such as gym memberships for US & Canada. Also note that HustlePads makes it even sweeter with discounts memberships to members national gyms & services! **remind me to look for affiliate offers for these gyms!